Automated Functions

  • Automated playing of music in mp3, wma or wav format from Windows directories in series or randomly
  • Automated playing of mp3, wma and wav files from playlists in m3u format from different Windows directories on network computers in series or randomly
  • Automated playing of radio commercials, call signs, radio programs and music on a timely basis at certain times of the day/month/year
  • Automated control of the actuality of commercials and radio programs
  • Automated skipping of files with future activation date/time in playlists
  • Automated deleting of outdated items in playlists
  • Automated playing of announcements and commercials between the songs
  • Automated programmable resuming of the program after power failure
  • Automated switching to emergency directory in case of severe computer problems or user mistakes (no program interruptions)
  • Automated creating of log files for authorities and advertising clients

Easy use and handling of data

  • Easy creation of and working on playlists m3u
  • Easy organizing of mp3 files (songs, commercials)
  • Easy creation and changing of radio programs
  • Easy and intelligent organizing of music into genres
  • Easy naming of mp3 files, songs, commercials
  • Easy recognizing of audio/mp3 files in Windows by renunciation of coding
  • Easy determining of the series, in which the audio/mp3 files are playing
  • Easy moving and copying of mass data (mp3) according to playlists m3u
  • Easy and intelligent search program for mp3 files
  • Easy programmable soft transitions (fade in-fade out) from song to song
  • Easy putting in of commercials and announcements within the program
  • Easy organizing of live programs
  • Easy rewriting program commands in most native languages

Crystal clear program concept

  • Absolute stability of program running
  • Only little knowledge of Windows is sufficient for perfect program use.
  • No blowing up of the program with accountancy program parts
  • No blowing up of the program with ripping program parts
  • No use of computer power by complex time computing
  • No confusing of the user by internal coding programs
  • No programming of m3 tags needed
  • Different volume for music and commercials easy adjustable

GOOD VALUE for money
Easy use, everything in your native language or in English
Reliable service with playlist creation and updates according to clients’ demands
Versatile, usable for radio stations, hotels, music-bars, background music
Minimum requirements to the computer
100% stabile program run


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